Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tween Night and Group Reservation

The First and third friday every month is Tween night here at Bouncing off the Wall. We get out our Velcro wall and break out the fun for the older kids(9-12). Join us this friday! 10$ a kid. Or book a private group reservation and get the use of our facilities exclusively!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bouncing Buddies: Pumpkin Patch

With Halloween just days away we wanted to make creative use of the holiday's most celebrated squash, the pumpkin!

We started the morning off with learning about how pumpkins grow. After we used our round orange friend to make a tasty treat, pumpkin bread. The buddies got to dump, mix and pour all of the ingredients together making for a delicious mess!

After some bouncing time we read a poem about our friend Peter Pumpkinhead. Each buddy then got to make their own Pumpkin head.

Once our pumpkin heads were complete we transitioned into a much more gooey and gross activity. The goal was to scoop the seeds out of the pumpkin and separate them from the gooey guts. We were then going to roast them and have a second tasty snack to take home... However, the gooey guts were apparently too gooey too slimy because no little fingers would go near the insides of that pumpkin! We had to use spoons and gloves.

The last of our activities was to decorate pumpkins. We pulled out googly eyes, feathers and markers and let them go to town. There were some beautifully decked out pumpkins when we were through.

Over all it was a very successful day learning and exploring all that the pumpkin has to offer.